Labor Day Weekend

Labor Day Weekend

We spent the long weekend up in the mountains visiting Oma and Opa  We all had lots of fun!  As usual we went hiking.  This time Josh continued on longer than the boys and I did.  He did a 13 mile hike with full pack to practice for his 30 mile hike coming up in October.  Obviously the boys wouldn’t last that long so we headed home and picked him up a couple house later.

If you look closely in the photo above you may spot a copperhead snake.  Jack came across this snake when he went a little ahead of Josh and me (yes, he knows better than to do that but clearly it didn’t stop him).  The next thing we knew is we heard Jack screaming about a snake.  We ran up to him and saw this guy.  He was already past the snake and thus safe, but just seeing it scared him to death.  The rest of us went through the woods to get around the snake since he was right on the path.

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Jack’s Birthday

Jack’s Birthday

It’s been over a month now but here are a few photos from Jack’s birthday. He had lots of fun celebrating at home and then on a long weekend in the mountains with Oma and Opa. 

It was an action packed weekend with a birthday picnic at Oskar Blues and  Oreo torte for dessert.  We went apple picking, hiking, camping and rock climbing!  The boys love the Oma and Op live in such an awesome location. We love all the outdoor activities we do up there!

Hard to believe Jack is now 8 years old. Won’t be long before that tall boy towers over me!

Sean’s Birthday Weekend

Sean’s Birthday Weekend

Sean recently turned four, where does the time go?! We spent his birthday weekend in the mountains. He enjoyed being the big man in charge if everything we did and ate!

We started out Saturday morning with a trip to the apple orchard. We all had lots of fun picking apples and the boys really liked the playground and bamboo forest there too.



After lunch we went on a wonderful hike. We didn’t get any real hikes in Labor Day weekend so it was great to get some good exercise and enjoy the nature. The boys enjoy watching the fish and insects on the Pink Beds trail!

For dinner we grilled out hot dogs and sausages. The boys roasted marshmallows for s’mores later! Needless to say they were exhausted that night.

Sunday we were up bright and early and hit the trail before 8:30 for another hike. It was a new trail for us and Josh told me it would be moderate difficulty. Wherever he read that was most certainly WRONG! We took two different trails to loop around. The first trail was marked “most difficult” and the second one as “more difficult”! They weren’t extremely difficult necessarily, but I wasn’t expecting it and neither were the boys. It was a pretty steep hike up and sloped less on the hike down. My knees were rather sore from the climbing AND acorns everywhere. It was like walking on a bed of marbles. We avoided injuries so that is a success. We worked out enough to earn ourselves some Dolly’s ice cream on our way put of town later that day.


We all had a wonderful weekend and enjoyed the cooler weather, food and hikes. We got home Sunday for dinner and celebrated Sean’s birthday Monday…more to come on that soon!

Apple Picking Birthday

Apple Picking Birthday

AppleCollage2ApplePickingCollageThis past weekend was a long one. The boys had off school Thursday and Friday so Josh took off work and we headed up to the mountains. It was perfect. Gorgeous weather and lots of family time for Jack’s birthday!

Friday, Jack’s birthday, we went apple picking. It was our first time with the boys and we had a blast! We went to Sky Top Orchard. For a Friday at about noon the place was packed! We got our baskets and maps and headed into the orchard. The place it huge. We got several types of apples, Arkansas Black, Cameo, GrannySmith, a couple Galas… In total we got 30 pounds!

The toughest part, especially for Sean, was to NOT eat the apples until we were done picking and paid! That was pure torture for the boys! They enjoyed climbing the trees to pick. The view was absolutely gorgeous as the leaves had already begun to change.

Needless to say Jack had a very happy birthday!

ApplePicking10 ApplePicking11 ApplePicking12 ApplePicking13 ApplePicking14