Back to School

Back to School

It’s been a few weeks, but the boys are finally back in school! ┬áThe end of summer was a little rough and we’re all happy they are busy with school now.

They are growing rather fast, it won’t be long before Jack is taller than me! ┬áSean isn’t my little guy anymore, he’s a big Kindergartner.

So here are a few photos on their first day, holding their Schultutes at the house before heading to school.

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Christmas Programs

Christmas Programs

To say it has been busy lately just doesn’t cover it! Last week Jack and Ewan both had their Christmas programs at school. Ewan’s was Wednesday morning and Jack’s was Thursday evening. Friday after school we headed up to Great Wolf Lodge (more to come on this) to celebrate Oma’s 65th birthday and returned Sunday. Jack was home sick Monday, vomiting and keeping me busy. How dare he mess with my busy schedule! I have been crazy busy finishing getting everything ready for the holidays…3 batches of granola and a batch of jam for teacher gifts, post office to ship packages, stocking stuffer shopping…. Luckily Sean spent last night at Oma and Opa’s house so I could get more done by myself in the morning.

Anyway, here are some pictures of the Christmas programs.
Ewan even had a role…he played Joseph!!





Jack is in the top row, third from the right. This is the entire Kindergarten class. It is difficult to get pictures at such a large program!

Jack is in the first row of standing children. This is the whole school.


First Day of Kindergarten

First Day of Kindergarten

Today was Jack’s first day of Kindergarten. After a bumpy start it went well. I was up early, getting the last things ready. I intended to print a sign to take pictures before we left….after many technical issues and running out of color ink I semi succeeded. It wasn’t what I wanted, but it got the job done I guess.

Jack requested oatmeal for breakfast. We agreed on pineapple coconut baked oatmeal which I made last night and reheated this morning. Well he did nothing but complain, “It’s too hot”, “That’s not oatmeal”… Sean and Ewan ate well. Jack never did finish and hardly touched his milk.

It was time to get dressed, brush teeth, take pictures and go. That part was at least smooth. I gave Jack his Schultute, a paper cone filled with his school supplies, candy and toys. It is a German tradition to give a Schultute to children on their first day of school. Seeing as how I am part German and lived in Germany I thought it would be fun. Plus it helped Jack get excited about school.

After taking pictures I quickly had to take his supplies out of the Schultute and put them in his backpack. He was upset he didn’t have time to play with his new toys…..well maybe next time he won’t be so slow eating! Or not!

We headed to school. I have never seen traffic so bad in Blythewood before! We parked at the post office and walked to school. Jack commented several times “I’m scared”. He is my nervous worrier. We got to his room and put his backpack away and settled in. He started playing and interacting with his teacher.

I had to fill out his name tag with bus number for the ride home. I ran to the office to make sure I had the right number. By the time I got back he was completely settled in. I left and nobody shed tears. A complete success!

Sean, Ewan and I went on with the rest of our day. It was quieter and calmer without Jack! We left the house at 3 for the bus stop. I expected a delay the first day…..and I got it! Our neighbor was there and we were both surprised to see the bus shortly after we got there. It was the middle school bus! It still had to finish its route and then pick up the elementary school kids!

Keep in mind it was hot and humid. VERY HUMID. It rained just before we went outside and that brought horrendous humidity. Plus the sun was bright. The boys ran around. Ewan peed in the woods! They were sweaty messes! The bus FINALLY came at 4:15. Jack was sitting in the front row with his best bud. They got out and were excited. I didn’t get pictures…afraid of more rain and camera getting wet.

Anyway, Jack said he had fun. It took some work to get him to talk about school, he was more interested in playing with his new toys. They read The Gingerbread Man, baked gingerbread man cookies and then searched all over the school for the gingerbread men. A pretty cool way to do a tour of the school!

Despite not eating much breakfast he hardly touched his lunch. Hopefully he will adjust and settle into a routine soon. He gets distracted eating with other kids.

So a successful day for all! Yeah!

First school lunch…peanut butter and honey on homemade whole wheat oatmeal bread.

Carrots, grapes and pineapple

Homemade vanilla pudding

Jack woke up with glitter on his face! He had a poem his teacher mailed to him that Josh read last night along with some Jitter Glitter to put under his pillow. It was so cute and thoughtful of her. Sean and Ewan had to have glitter too of course!

Jack with his Schultute at the front door.





Ready to go with backpack and lunch.


Getting ready to go in his new classroom.


Singing and dancing with the other kids and teacher.

Jack with his teacher, Mrs. LeMarche, right before I left. So far we both love her, she seems like a great teacher!