Labor Day Weekend

Labor Day Weekend

We spent the long weekend up in the mountains visiting Oma and Opa  We all had lots of fun!  As usual we went hiking.  This time Josh continued on longer than the boys and I did.  He did a 13 mile hike with full pack to practice for his 30 mile hike coming up in October.  Obviously the boys wouldn’t last that long so we headed home and picked him up a couple house later.

If you look closely in the photo above you may spot a copperhead snake.  Jack came across this snake when he went a little ahead of Josh and me (yes, he knows better than to do that but clearly it didn’t stop him).  The next thing we knew is we heard Jack screaming about a snake.  We ran up to him and saw this guy.  He was already past the snake and thus safe, but just seeing it scared him to death.  The rest of us went through the woods to get around the snake since he was right on the path.

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Back to School Camping Trip

Back to School Camping Trip

We had our second annual back to school camping trip in August.  The last weekend before school started we headed up to the mountains and stayed with Oma and Opa.  We have such fun there hiking,fishing, enjoying the cooler weather, taking in the sights, date night for Mommy and Daddy….


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More Mountain Adventures 

More Mountain Adventures 

So in addition to our hike and camping outing in the mountains we had plenty of other fun as always. 

It was a welcome long weekend and after finally getting some R&R Josh asked when I was going to win him the lottery so we could move to the mountains and be people  of leisure!  I’m right there with him, a life of hiking, biking, fishing, great food, gorgeous views……
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Our Big Hikers

Our Big Hikers

Memorial weekend we went up to the mountains with Oma and Opa. We had much fun at the White Squirrel Festival. We had some super yummy ice cream sandwiches there!

We also went on a new trail for a hike. The one we wanted to go on was under construction. What a happy accident! We loved this new trail and will go back there again soon. We are even contemplating investing in a tent and camping up there sometime. Picture us carrying camping gear and enough food and water up a mountain! Is it even possible to carrying enough food for the Dalrymple boys?!





We always have a blast in the mountains! Looking forward to our next trip back there…

It’s all fun until…..

It’s all fun until…..

….somebody gets hurt. A phrase we tell the boys often!

I finally got the time to put up another post and now it is lost. That means you now get the super short summary. The post I had nearly finished was pretty good, but alas there is no time to write it again as it is crazy hectic here.

Josh took off work. We went to the mountains. Oma and Opa were there too. Josh and I enjoyed date night at a new restaurant while the boys enjoyed Big Mike’s with Oma and Opa.

We all went to the farmer’s market and had fun, good food. Josh and I took the boys fishing for their first time at a trout farm. They enjoyed it. Josh and I went to Asheville, by ourselves! We ate the trout for dinner that night.




We took the boys and dog for a short hike. We took the boys to Sliding Rock. Sean volunteered to go down first with Daddy. He enjoyed it, until he got dunked pretty good at the end. Why did he get dunked….because Daddy injured his hand on the way down and couldn’t hold him overhead. Josh’s hand had a small cut, finger was sore and swelling already. I took Jack down, he loved it. My butt and foot ached! Ewan chickened out. Boys played in the water. We went to the house, had quick lunch. After quick instructions Josh and I left with Jack for the ER in Asheville. Oma and Opa took the boys to Dolly’s for ice cream and then home to South Carolina. Ewan and Sean spent the night at Oma and Opa’s house. We survived the ER. Josh had a fracture. He got a splint and we headed out for dinner. We got Dolly’s on the way to the house. We packed up very quickly, fed the dog, took her out and hit the road at 8 PM. Got home just before 11. LONG DAY!





Josh went to the orthopedic clinic after work. He now had surgery scheduled for the next day!

Oma watched the boys, again. I took Josh for his surgery. He now has a rod in his hand. He rested this afternoon. I am exhausted!

So there you have it, a fun weekend……..until Josh broke his hand! Another doctor visit next week to remove the stitches. Another one 3 weeks later to remove the rod. No garage work. No bath duty. The list goes on….

We owe Oma and Opa big time for all their help!

Notice I added another category, INJURIES! Seems we need this!