Back to School

Back to School

It’s been a few weeks, but the boys are finally back in school! ┬áThe end of summer was a little rough and we’re all happy they are busy with school now.

They are growing rather fast, it won’t be long before Jack is taller than me! ┬áSean isn’t my little guy anymore, he’s a big Kindergartner.

So here are a few photos on their first day, holding their Schultutes at the house before heading to school.

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First Day of School

First Day of School

Yesterday was the day I have been looking forward to, the first day of school! Jack and Ewan were very excited too so that helps.

I gave the boys their Schultuete before we left. It is a German tradition. The cone is filled with school supplies, a couple toys and some candy.




We dropped off Ewan in his room first and then Jack. They were both extremely thrilled to be in school, especially Ewan since it is his first year in elementary school.


Sean and I headed to the park next. He did not last long, he doesn’t play well without his brothers! He kept asking when we would pick his brothers up! We also had a treat at Panera and ran several errands. Then lunch at home, cleaning, laundry…..

Needless to say I can get much more done with only one child. Sean is the whiny one though, so he tests my nerves and patience!

We picked up Jack and Ewan at the bus stop in the afternoon. It was not pleasant….as usual the bus was late on the first day. Over half an hour late….with a heat index of 101 degrees!

Ewan declared the first day as “awesome” and Jack said it was the “best day ever”!

The day was a success for everyone!