Labor Day Weekend

Labor Day Weekend

We spent the long weekend up in the mountains visiting Oma and Opa  We all had lots of fun!  As usual we went hiking.  This time Josh continued on longer than the boys and I did.  He did a 13 mile hike with full pack to practice for his 30 mile hike coming up in October.  Obviously the boys wouldn’t last that long so we headed home and picked him up a couple house later.

If you look closely in the photo above you may spot a copperhead snake.  Jack came across this snake when he went a little ahead of Josh and me (yes, he knows better than to do that but clearly it didn’t stop him).  The next thing we knew is we heard Jack screaming about a snake.  We ran up to him and saw this guy.  He was already past the snake and thus safe, but just seeing it scared him to death.  The rest of us went through the woods to get around the snake since he was right on the path.

Later that night Josh and I enjoyed a wonderful dinner out while Oma and Opa fed and watched the boys.  They all had fun as did we.  They even polished off our leftover pizza we brought back.

Jack also got some knitting lessons from Oma.  He’s rather excited to start his own scarf.

And then of course we had our first apple picking trip of the season.  Hopefully we’ll get up to go on at least one more picking trip this season.  This time around we picked galas, jonagolds and golden delicious apples.  Fun was had by all!

No trip to the mountains is complete without some Big Mike’s pizza and Oskar Blues beer.  We got a pizza and salads to go and took them to the brewery which was packed since it was a holiday weekend.  We did manage to find a nice spot in the shade and had a lovely picnic.  The boys were disappointed that they were sold out of their root beer.  Clearly they managed to have fun anyway!

The boys were rather exhausted and fell asleep on the way home!  It was an exciting weekend!  We were still in the car going home and the boys were already asking when they would see Oma and Opa again.  After being told they were coming in only three days they still complained that wasn’t soon enough!


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