Back to School Camping Trip

Back to School Camping Trip

We had our second annual back to school camping trip in August.  The last weekend before school started we headed up to the mountains and stayed with Oma and Opa.  We have such fun there hiking,fishing, enjoying the cooler weather, taking in the sights, date night for Mommy and Daddy….


It also happens to still be blueberry and blackberry season on the trails so it’s ideal for camping.  We eat along the hike and put more berries in a bag.  Then once camp is set up and dinner made, it’s time for camp cake with blueberries!

Camp Dinner

Camp Cake

Tent Life

The guys also all went to the trout farm and brought their haul home.  The boys like it there, so much easier than trying to catch a big enough trout in the streams!

Trout Farm

Josh and I also enjoyed a date night at Sierra Nevada brewery.  We even got to finish some back to school shopping without the kids.  Thanks Oma and Opa for always watching the boys, you are the best!



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